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Can.Heal: Stakeholder Session

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Propelling Health Care through Public-Private Partnerships

The scope and potential of public private partnership in healthcare care are often under-realized

because of resistance to change. The consequence is that many inadequacies of public private

partnership in Europe persist unnecessarily, and many opportunities for improvement are neglected.

The EAPM Conference will identify the principal challenges, outlines possible approaches to

resolving them, and highlights the benefits that could result from greater adoption private partnership

in healthcare. It locates the discussion in the context of mechanism for sustainable public private

partnership. Different country case example will examine this topic as well as medical specialities

will highlight the attention now being given by policymakers to incentives, innovation, and investment

as levers to improve European citizens’ prospects in a rapidly evolving world, and how these distinct

and disruptive themes contribute to a renaissance in thinking about delivering optimal health care in


You can find the agenda here.

You will be able to follow the event on the day through our socials or following the live event.