WP10 Oncology Decision Support Tools

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  • Map and define tools for clinical and genomic data integration and decision support for the Molecular Tumour Board and treatment decision 
  • Harmonisation and optimization data integration and decision support tools 
  • Integration of data from national initiatives to scale up and to standardise  Pilot deployment and usability evaluation of the Decision Support Tool

The primary goal of this WP is to optimize and harmonize tools for data integration (genomic and clinical data) and decision support (MTB and treatment) in order to speed up and standardize the process of diagnosing and treating cancer. This will be accomplished by mapping and defining the existing platforms and technologies for the integration of genetic and clinical data with longitudinal follow-up, decision support of the MTB, and the standardization of precision oncology and haemato-oncology therapy options. The concept surrounding the integration process, organizing and standardization of needed data, MTB structure, and guiding treatment decisions will be supported by interaction with the other clinical WPs. In conjunction with the use cases, we will be able to create and perfect our tools, as well as agree upon a standard protocol. The next phase of the project will involve the consortium doing capacity-building research as well as setting up pilot projects.