WP2 Communication, dissemination and outreach

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Translational Stakeholder Policy Platform for Communication, Outreach and Dissemination


  • Create a Stakeholder Coordination Framework (SCF) to engage and align a broad range of stakeholders to facilitate bringing NGS and Public Health Genomics (PHG) in healthcare systems at MS and EU level.
  • Support the creation of a cross-European framework for stakeholders to align national and international efforts on best practices in terms of governance frameworks, to support this implementation of NGS and PHG into healthcare systems.
  • To ensure effective communication and dissemination.

Using this framework, WP will:

  • In collaboration with the two project pillars drive a process to allow framework to implement NGS and PHG into healthcare systems to ensure early diagnosis
  • Provide operational feedback from stakeholders to the other WPs, based on the wider needs of the community.
  • Ensure effective external communication and dissemination of key findings.

WP2 is primarily concerned with communication, dissemination, and outreach.

Creating a stakeholder coordination group, as one of the primary goals, will engage and align a diverse range of European and global stakeholders and ensure the provision of operational feedback to the other WPs based on the community’s broader needs.

Funders, industry, medicines authorities, clinicians and medical specialties, research infrastructures, national policy and decision makers, academics, HTA bodies, patient organizations, and EU Joint Actions will be among our stakeholders.

This work package aims to promote a framework for integrating NGS and PHG into health systems to ensure early diagnosis in conjunction with the other two pillars of the project.

A further objective is to facilitate effective external communication and the dissemination of vital information.